SEO Audit & Reports

Review your SEO strategy and uncover new opportunities with an SEO audit

Conducting regular reviews of your SEO strategy is a great way to learn more about your website’s strengths and weaknesses. With a full SEO audit, you find the best strategy that ensures all your SEO efforts are supporting your end goal.

As specialists in search engine optimisation, we provide forward-looking businesses with a holistic overview of how their website works. Analysing everything from technical issues, to content quality and to link building efforts, our SEO audits highlight the obstacles and opportunities that transform website performance.

With our bespoke SEO audits, we can focus on your needs and create a solution that helps you to get the most of your website.

What you can expect

Analytics performance insight
Technical errors analysis
Review of link building efforts
Industry & competitor activity report
Content review and gap analysis
Local SEO performance review


SEO audits are important because they provide an in-depth analysis of your current website performance. Covering important components such as technical issues, site speed and content quality, a full SEO audit will help you to find areas of weakness and strengthen your SEO strategy.

By investing in an SEO audit, you can also gain useful insight into how well your website compares to your competitors and how it performs in the wider market.

After we’ve shared our findings with you, we can start to discuss what your website needs. Our in-house SEO team will help you to restrategise and explain how our SEO services can help you to achieve better results. After we’ve created a new performance-driven strategy, we can start to work on improving your rankings and optimising your website.

To prevent your SEO strategy from becoming outdated, we recommend that an in-depth SEO audit is carried out once a year. In doing so, you can review which techniques are contributing to your KPIs and uncover new opportunities. If you regularly review your strategy you can implement new techniques that will keep you ahead of competitors and maintain high search engine rankings.

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