RAF Fighter Jet

RAF Association Befriender Facebook Advertising Campaign


To set up, create, manage and monitor a Facebook advertising campaign to fill more than 100 RAFA volunteer vacancies across the United Kingdom within a six-week period.


Champions Digital created a finely targeted, highly visible Facebook advertising campaign to ensure the right audience was reached in the right geographical locations, ensuring maximum return on the RAF Association’s advertising budget.


With the knowledge of the client combined with the expertise of the social media team, all vacancies were filled within just 4 days of the campaign going live, spending less than 10% of the clients’ available advertising budget.


The advertisement reached 62,500 individuals with more than 1,000 people clicking through to the RAFA website, giving a CPC of just 20p.


The advertisement imagery was selected and text carefully written to maximise the impact of the advert. This led to a high level of organic sharing with 658 Likes, 205 shares and 91 comments. This ensured that the campaign reached the maximum amount of people for the budget available. 


The advertisement was a huge success and was stopped early due to the overwhelming volume of applicants.