broadway casino

Broadway Casino


To build a website that showcases all that the casino has to offer and provides users with the opportunity to submit online enquiries.


Choosing to use Drupal 7, we built a fully-responsive and visually engaging website that promotes the casino in a fun and entertaining light.

Taking the website from a concept to a finished product, we produced SEO-friendly copy, built a custom enquiry form and incorporated a virtual tour. In doing this, we improved the user-experience and provided the opportunity to make enquiries for their regular events or hospitality facilities.


Following the launch of the new website, Broadway Casino have seen a rise in user engagement and the number of online enquiries. On average, users have spent 30% longer on the website and the bounce rate has reduced from 45% to 27%.

With their new website, our clients are now able to use their platform as an effective at to showcase their service offerings, promotion special offers and attract new corporate clients.

reduced bounce rate 45% > 27%